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Investment results 2023

Year in a nutshell

Will interest rates rise or not? What is happening with inflation? What is happening around the Future Pensions Act? There is never a dull moment in the world of pensions. Get a brief update on the most important steps for your pension in 2023.


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At Shell Pension, we will all have our own pension pot

How does that work?

The Netherlands has new pension legislation

When will we notice this?

Shell Pension is engaging with companies it invests in

What do they mean by this? 

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Chairman Martin ten Brink and board member Jolanda Schenk

Double interview 

“A quieter investment year, but a lot of turmoil regarding the new pension law”

Two important developments kept SSPF's board busy in 2023: developments in the financial markets and the new pension system. "Shell Nederland (employer) and the Central Works Council (COR) must agree on the direction: will the current pensions be converted to the new system, or will SSPF close for future pension accrual."

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Very healthy financial position

Highly diversified investment strategy successful for SSPF

How responsible investing works in practice

Your pension with Shell is invested. As responsible as possible. But how does that work in practice? Find out in this infographic.

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Outlook for 2024

Besides continuing to critically follow the financial markets and monitor and evaluate investment designs and strategies, 2024 will also be dominated by preparations for the Future Pensions Act (Wtp). Early on, the pension fund actively started developing roadmaps and blueprints to ensure that at all times SSPF is well positioned and to ensure that the Wtp will be a great success. Therefore, considerable time and effort will be dedicated to developing investment policies under the new legislative framework in the upcoming year.

What a year to
invest in your future!
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SSPF board member Fridoline van Binsbergen-Stierum

How will the Future Pensions... 

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Pensioner Aad van der Kaaden

...Act affect my pension?